The New Citadel Paint Range

I popped into my local GW store yesterday and had the opportunity to try out a sample of their new paints. Read review here.

For Sale Now on eBay

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Black Templars Space Marine Emperor’s Champion

This, along with several other items I’ve finished recently, will be going onto eBay next week. If you want to receive notification of this and future sales, then you can join my mailing list here.

Tau Ethereal Featured on GW Blog Today

The Tau Ethereal I painted some while ago was featured on Games Workshop’s blog today. I’ve also recently finished a mounted Archaon, Lord of the End Times (old metal), which will be on sale, along with the special edition version on foot in March. What’s New Today: The Alien scum pay us a visit

Blood Bowl Wood Elf Catcher Painted

I filed down the right buttock as it was sticking out oddly (it’s worth taking photos of your miniatures as doing so sometimes points out things you otherwise wouldn’t have noticed) and cut a v-shape into the legs of his shorts, something I toyed with when I was sculpting them. I then threw some paint […]