Astartes Ultra: Space Marine Chapter Discount Deal

If anyone is thinking of buying a Space Marine Chapter, I am offering a one time only deal to build and paint all of these models to a tabletop standard for you for only £10,000. This is a massive discount of more than 50% off of my normal commission price, which would be over £26,000 for these 1,190 models. Choice of colours and weapon options from the set is yours but please note that it will take me 12 months to complete the commission and any special requests on this project would have to be discussed and will likely incur additional fees and possibly more time. Please familiarise yourself with my terms and conditions and then fill out the quote request form at the bottom of the commissions page specifying 1,190 miniatures and quoting this offer in the description box.

In other news, a friend of mine is selling his old Eldar Army on eBay:

Gareth's Eldar