Blood Bowl Wood Elf Catcher Painted

I filed down the right buttock as it was sticking out oddly (it’s worth taking photos of your miniatures as doing so sometimes points out things you otherwise wouldn’t have noticed) and cut a v-shape into the legs of his shorts, something I toyed with when I was sculpting them. I then threw some paint on it very quickly. I painted this in about an hour and a half so if you want an army painted by me, then I can do it to this standard and charge less than for my normal miniatures, which take a minimum of seven or eight hours but usually longer.

It’s by no means perfect but I’m pleased with it as a first attempt and hopefully in about twenty figures time I’ll be a passable sculptor. The GW sculptors learn by duplicating miniatures in the company’s range so I may have a go at copying some of my favourite figures at some point too. I also have several old favourite roleplay characters, which I’d like to try sculpting for my nostalgia collection. One is a human barbarian called Kanin and the other a half-drow rogue-sorcerer called Perlómë, though when asked, she swears she’s a moon elf!