Citadel Finecast

For a change, I’m going to leave this post open to comments as I’m interested to know what everyone thinks of Finecast.

Personally, I’m all for it as long as it’s as good as they say. I think “the highest quality miniatures the world has ever seen” is a statement they’ll find hard to back up as there are many companies making equally good metal and resin miniatures as GW now, (some of them run by ex GW designers). However, “There are no other miniatures that exist of this quality and manufactured on this scale in the world” is a cleverer statement as the bit about the production scale might be true due to a lot of resin productions being limited to a few hundred as the moulds wear out quickly.

“The Citadel Finecast miniatures are all made from a unique resin formula” makes it sound like it’s a different resin to Forge World but “The resin is easy to work with and quick to cut off the sprue, making assembling a miniature easier than it has ever been. Not only that, but it’s incredibly light too, which means pinning wings and other heavy components will be a thing of the past” makes it sound like it’s the same as Forge World’s resin. I suspect it’s exactly the same as Forge World and may even be produced in the same factory, however, the resin I’ve experienced from other companies seems to be a lot harder and denser than the Forge World resin and therefore more durable. In fact, I’ve heard a few people say that they want to still get metals because they like to feel the weight when they pick a miniature up.

Another point is that we don’t pin things because they’re heavy but because super glue/epoxy on it’s own isn’t that strong against shear stresses so it’s to strengthen the joint against knocks, therefore, I shall continue to pin joints.

One last thing, for now, “I’m sure a lot of you are thinking the same thing that I am: what one do you get first?” Actually, I was thinking, how much are they going to cost?


  1. Citadel minis were not that heavy to begin with, no one i know of has ever complained about this.

    Added durability and detail is always welcome, provided that the difference really justifies the price. They are, i think obviously going to be more expensive than previous products.

    Another thing i’m worried about is resin toxicity. Converting and tinkering with plastic was more convenient.I do hpe they don’t convert their entire range to resin over the next year or so:)

    • Thanks Ömer. If the resin is the same as Forge World, which is most likely, then it definitely won’t be more durable than white metal or hard polystyrene and I certainly don’t think they will be replacing any of the plastics with resin as they have been working hard at expanding the plastics range. If they’re sensible then they will run the resin and metal ranges in tandem for six months to a year to allow them to judge whether people are happy with the resin figures. A month or two won’t be enough as there will be a surge of sales to start off with until people have really experienced the new product. Equally, some people won’t buy any resin figures for ages until they see other people’s. Resin does have toxicity issues but so does Duro (“Green Stuff”) and I wouldn’t go and lick metal or plastic miniatures either! I also assume that at some point in the future Forge World and Finecast will be merged.

  2. I think it’ll be a while until Games Workshop move more of their metals over to resin they will wait to see what the public response is and, addressing Omar, I doubt any plastics will go over to Resin.

    That said, I’m sure we’ll see all new releases that would have been in metal being produced in resin instead.

    • Thank you for your comment Paul. I think they will definitely be interested to see the reaction after the first month but I’m sure we’ll be seeing another set of resins at the start of next month. As to your other point, I think you’re right, all the new would have been metals this month for Dark Eldar and Tomb Kings were in resin so future new releases will certainly be in resin.

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