Each project is different, therefore, the price guide below is provided so that you can estimate the cost of your project. To choose which standard of painting you would like, you may want to peruse my galleries. For an accurate, itemised quote please fill in and submit the quote request form at the bottom of this page contact me or if your project is a bit more complicated, drop me an email at

Price Guide

NB Prices are provided per 28-32 mm true or heroic scale miniature and do not include the cost of the miniature. Larger scale miniatures are likely to be similar to comparable miniatures on the guide below, for example, a 54 mm scale human (infantry) is similar in size to a 30 mm scale ogre (monstrous infantry). Please also note that Citadel Finecast is charged at twice the cost for metal for Cleaning and Assembly as it takes a lot more work than any other material to get the same finish.

Size Cleaning and Assembly (Unit Cost) Painting
(Unit Cost)
Plastic Metal Resin
Infantry £4 £8 £3 £80
Monstrous infantry £6 £10 £4 £112
Cavalry, bikes £7 £12 £5 £128
Monstrous cavalry £8 £15 £6 £160
War machines, walkers, light vehicles £15 £20 £10 £240
Monstrous creatures, large vehicles £25 £30 £20 £400
Weathering/battle damage Free
Special requests

Please provide details on the form below and I will provide a tailored quote

Exotic bases
Paint stripping

My preference for payment is via PayPal Invoice but I will also accept cheques and postal orders. For full details, please read my terms and conditions and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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