Crouching Baby, Hidden Scalpels!

As with all projects, my desk underwent a few changes from the original design. The first change came when I discovered that the guy in B&Q had cut the desk sides to 600 mm instead of 660 mm. This wasn’t a massive problem as they still give enough support to stop it tipping forward when leaning on the front edge of the desk or pulling on the shelves. I also discovered that I have more stuff than I thought I had and that there was space for some extra shelves underneath so I used the (60 mm wider than it would have been) off-cut to make two extra shelves, which have also added strength by bracing the sides.

The next change of plan was to use only screws (75 of them!) as it means that I can flat pack it when we eventually move house and it seems more than strong enough without glue. I can always glue it all when I reassemble it if the screw holes wear out.

Other additions include some draws for paints made from 6 mm MDF and glued only, though I may add some tacks or cocktail stick pins at some point, which replace the Feldherr paint pot foam trays that I was planning on using because draws can hold anything, are a better use of space and not all of my paints are Vallejo; a cutting mat cut down to fit the shape of the front and sides of the desk (I searched for cutting advice online and found the best method to be tin snips) and a lamp which clamps onto the shelves so that I can swing it around above my head and which holds a 45 Watt, energy saving, daylight bulb (3000 Lumens), which is equivalent to a 225 Watt incandescent bulb; don’t look directly at it!