Greek Commander Commission WIP: Part 2

Below are images showing progress so far. After the undercoat I have base-coated all the main areas of colour (left) and then pre-highlighted the model using a white spray from above (right). This is used as a guide to painting the highlights as it shows where zenithal light (i.e. a light source from above, like the sun) would hit the topography of the miniature.

Romeo Models Greek Commander WIP - Basecoat and Prelight

The next stage is to apply glazes over the pre-highlighting to build up the form of the miniature. Where there are a lot of white dots I paint the highlight colour, then opposite this the shadow colour and in between the mid-tone. I use plenty of retarder and water here so that the glazes can be blended together with each coat. It is imperative to allow each coat to dry completely before painting the next one and to blend each shade together as the glazes are transparent and will show mistakes from a previous layer.

Romeo Models Greek Commander WIP - First Glazes

Once I had enough glazes to cover all the white dots from the pre-highlighting and I was satisfied with my blending, I then added a darker shadow colour and lighter highlight colour. Then I began a similar process with the metal but the end result (watch this space!) will see a higher contrast across the metal areas to give a ‘gleaming’ effect.

Romeo Models Greek Commander WIP - Red finished, metal started

For the red I have used Vallejo Game Colour (ratios are approximate):

Highlight: Bloody Red

Mid-tone: Scar Red

Shadow: 2 Gory Red + 1 Dark Green

Low-light: 2 Gory Red + 1 Dark Green + 1 Stormy Blue

“Higher”light: 2 Bloody Red + 1 Pale Yellow