New Year and New Horizons

I can’t believe it’s nearly a year since my last post but in that time I’ve been far too busy to keep the website up to date what with moving house, the birth of our second child and more commissions than I’ve done in any other year since I started out in November 2010, including some commercial work.

Once again I find myself in January and haven’t done the sculpting that I’d planned to do but this year I plan to sculpt some historical busts and maybe a few monsters afterwards but we’ll see where we get to with that. I also plan to overhaul the website somewhat having now found a better gallery plugin but this will take some time and probably several late nights to get everything how I want it and then I will hopefully look at the long awaited video tutorials later in the year so watch this space.

With reference to the above, for the time being, I am not accepting army commissions so, commercial work aside, I will only accept commissions for single miniatures or display vignettes until further notice.