Astartes Ultra: Space Marine Chapter Discount Deal

If anyone is thinking of buying a Space Marine Chapter, I am offering a one time only deal to build and paint all of these models to a tabletop standard for you for only £10,000. This is a massive discount of more than 50% off of my normal commission price, which would be over £26,000 for […]

Painting Workshop

I will be conducting a one hour painting workshop at the Gamers’ Emporium, Swansea on Saturday 1st June 2013 from 10:30. Please see the event here for details or visit Simon instore.

These boots are made for… Captain… Who?

It’s a mysteron to me! I’ve just got round to photographing these 7TV miniatures, which I painted for The Gamers’ Emporium. If you drop into the store in Swansea, Simon can give you an intro game. More photos linked below.

The Gamers’ Emporium, Swansea

I love the smell of airbrush cleaner in the morning! In other news, The Gamers’ Emporium opens today in Swansea so if you’re about go and check it out. I might pop in later but I’m quite snowed under with commissions at the moment including some 7TV minis for the aforementioned new store. Happy painting!