Painting Desk

Crouching Baby, Hidden Scalpels!

As with all projects, my desk underwent a few changes from the original design. The first change came when I discovered that the guy in B&Q had cut the desk sides to 600 mm instead of 660 mm. This wasn’t a massive problem as they still give enough support to stop it tipping forward when […]

Desk 2012 08 01 - Perspective

Baby Proofing

The addition to the household has provoked the necessity to have somewhere more organised to work and, preferably, upstairs in the bedroom where we won’t be letting him go. Previously my spray booth has been setup on the kitchen table and the rest of my stuff is currently still stored under the coffee table so that it’s […]

Warhammer 40k 6th Edition Review

I haven’t been working for the past couple of weeks as we’ve just had a baby boy and we’ve spent eight out of the last twelve days in hospital (and we were up all night on the other four), however, Gar has been busy reading his new rulebook and he’s written reviews of each section […]

The Path of the Outcast – Test Figures

Gareth and I have decided to enter the Warhammer 40,000 doubles tournament next year. After some short debate, we decided upon me taking an Eldar Ranger force based on a concept I’ve had knocking around for a while and Gareth will take Dark Eldar Wyches. To link the armies together a little more, we’re both […]