Blood Bowl Wood Elf Catcher Painted

I filed down the right buttock as it was sticking out oddly (it’s worth taking photos of your miniatures as doing so sometimes points out things you otherwise wouldn’t have noticed) and cut a v-shape into the legs of his shorts, something I toyed with when I was sculpting them. I then threw some paint […]

Blood Bowl Wood Elf Catcher Sculpt

This is my first full 30 mm sculpt. I intend to build a full Blood bowl team for myself and as I get better at sculpting, I’ll probably end up remaking some of my early attempts but for now I’m pretty pleased with this. Eyes and hands seem to be the hardest things to do so […]


The votes have been counted and verified and I can announce that the colour I shall paint the sword and gems is… … both! 77% of the vote was for orange and the remaining 23% for blue, however, Gar suggested strategically painting some gems blue and some orange. I like this idea as it will […]

Warhammer 40k Eldar Wraithlord (1)


After painting the sword on my Eldar Wraithlord last night, I can’t decide if it’s too harsh. I intend the sword, the gems and maybe some of the freehand, which will be mostly on the blue, to be the same colour but I don’t want to paint the gems and the freehand, which will take […]

CoolMiniOrNot Annual 2010 Released

This is now available from the CoolMiniOrNot web-store and according to the photo of the contents page, my Daemon Prince is on page 135. There are some gorgeous looking figures on the example pages so it might be worth a gander!

UK Golden Demon 2011 Finalists

These were my entries for the UK Golden Demon this year. I painted them in around 28 hours over the two days between getting home from our honeymoon and leaving at 5 am to get the coach to Birmingham. Luckily, I had found time to assemble, prime and pre-highlight them before the wedding. They both […]

Back in town!

I am now married and we got back from our honeymoon in Italy late on Thursday night. On Friday morning I started painting my Golden Demon entries and I finished them on Saturday at about 23:30. I then set an alarm to get up at 1:00 to review them and do a bit more to […]