Hot Cake

Ikit sold in 2 hours and 4 minutes. I can, of course, paint one, or anything else, as a commission for anyone who missed out.

Ikit Claw For Sale

Just finished him, uploaded the photos and created a listing on eBay. Auction and buy it now end Sunday 1st May.

CoolMiniOrNot Annual 2010

I have been informed that my Daemon Prince will be included in the CoolMiniOrNot Annual 2010. Keep a look out for it if you buy a copy when it’s published. I am, of course, available to convert and paint a similar figure, or any other figure, as a commission.


Sorry it’s been a bit quiet but I’ve been ill and haven’t felt like painting but Ikit is nearly finished, just a few glazes and the base left to do so that will be auctioned very soon and I’ve just ordered an airbrush to further explore pre-highlighting techniques. I’ll let you know how I get […]

Ikit Claw WIP

This will hopefully be finished and up for auction very soon, here it is so far:

Wood Elf Lord Auction

The auction closed yesterday when someone used the ‘Buy it now’ option but I noticed 6 people were watching it. If anyone would like a duplicate of the model, I can paint it as a commission (normal terms and conditions relating to commissions apply).

New content

I have added comments and thoughts about each miniature in the galleries so please take a look.

New Photos

Also on CoolMiniOrNot. Please rate honestly.

Greek Commander Commission WIP: Part 3

Almost finished: As you can see, I have used purple in the shadows of the stonework and in the shadow of the flesh which follows the same theory as the green and blue in the shadow of the red.