Greek Commander Commission WIP: Part 2

Below are images showing progress so far. After the undercoat I have base-coated all the main areas of colour (left) and then pre-highlighted the model using a white spray from above (right). This is used as a guide to painting the highlights as it shows where zenithal light (i.e. a light source from above, like […]

Greek Commander Commission WIP: Part 1

This is the Greek Commander sculpted by Maurizio Bruno for Romeo Models on a resin base (also from Romeo Models), which I have been commissioned to paint (and I shall probably buy one for myself soon as it’s such a gorgeous miniature). So far I have pinned it and filled the gaps (it’s such a […]

Competition winners now being auctioned

I have placed four miniatures, three of which are local competition winners, on eBay. These items have now been sold. Email me to join my mailing list to find out about future sales first. I hope to sell at least one model every month or so. I am also taking commissions (see commissions page).

Which colour?

Here is a handy website for choosing the colours of the models you commission: I have also written an article explaining colour theory for painting miniatures.

Cool minis or not?

Please give your honest opinion of my miniatures on CoolMiniOrNot.

Warhammer 40,000 Chaos Space Marine Lord

First pictures are up! From the South West of England and not quite Khornate, my ‘Khornish’ Lord. This won the Swansea Games Workshop monthly collectors competition in October and will be up for sale in the next couple of weeks. More pictures in the galleries tomorrow.

Welcome to Richard Harris’ Miniature Painting

I’m happy to announce that I’m here! The rest of the website will appear in the next few days. I am a Swansea based miniature painter and have just started taking commissions and selling miniatures. I have won a few local competitions and I shall be posting some photos of my work and items for […]