The Path of the Outcast – Test Figures

Gareth and I have decided to enter the Warhammer 40,000 doubles tournament next year. After some short debate, we decided upon me taking an Eldar Ranger force based on a concept I’ve had knocking around for a while and Gareth will take Dark Eldar Wyches. To link the armies together a little more, we’re both taking a squad of Harlequins. Below is a test mini for my Rangers. I’ve already decided to change a couple of things but this shows the basic colours. I wanted the armour to have a strong alien quality and it’s the only colour, apart from the gems, highlighted with pure white. I’ve never been comfortable with camouflage patterns on the Cameleoline coats so I wanted to create a fairly neutral green with nuances of purple and perhaps other colours in the shadows to make it look like some kind of otherworldly shimmering material. I also decided to stipple the coats and other cloth to create a textural contrast with the armour. This will show up more on the figures with more armour showing. The black I intend to make a bit shinier and the gems will not be so rushed and I’m thinking of using a variety of cool colours instead of just blue to link into the rest of the figure and give them a bit of glow but this was intended to be a test so I didn’t want to spend too long on it.


I’m expecting there to be a new Eldar codex by next year to go with the 6th edition of the game but as a working list, I have come up with:

Autarch Power weapon, death spinner, mandiblaster and warp jump generator 120
Troupe Master Harlequins kiss 152
3 Harlequins 3 harlequins kisses
6 Pathfinders 144
6 Rangers 114
6 Rangers 114
2 Vypers Bright lances 150
War Walker 2 star cannons 80

During our discussions about painting, I painted the miniature below, which is my interpretation of the colour scheme which Gareth has come up with. I know it’s not a Dark Eldar Wych but he’s using the Corsair cloaks for his Blood Brides and it’s the closest figure I had lying around. It also gave me a chance to practice the stippling for my Ranger. You may notice that Gareth used a darker, bluer grey than I did, which I think was wise as it contrasts the bone colour better than mine.

Even if you are an aspiring or competent painter, another service, which I provide, is painting guides. For example, I could paint a set of ten figures but each one left at a different stage of painting for you to have on your desk to copy as you paint your army. This way you don’t have to pay me for a whole army and you can improve your painting.