UK Golden Demon 2011 Finalists

Warhammer Empire Nuln Ironsides Castellan-Engineer Jubal Falk 0Lord of the Rings Galadhrim Haldir 0

These were my entries for the UK Golden Demon this year. I painted them in around 28 hours over the two days between getting home from our honeymoon and leaving at 5 am to get the coach to Birmingham. Luckily, I had found time to assemble, prime and pre-highlight them before the wedding. They both got through to the final cut in their respective categories but neither picked up a trophy. Still, I’m satisfied with the result as I had spent so little time on them. I’m already planning next year’s entries and will hopefully start work on them in October so I should have something more impressive for 2012. They are also on CoolMiniOrNot if you’d like to vote and I will be eBaying the Ironsides Engineer soon so keep an eye out for that too.